Would A Pay Per Minute Cafe Entice You In?

Pay Per Minute CafesThere could soon be an interesting development in the city of Birmingham as Ziferblat are looking to open one of their pay-per-minute cafes in the area of Digbeth. Leeds is also a city that should be getting one of these cafes very soon.

Ziberflat Pay-Per-Minute Cafes

How these pay-per-minute cafes work is that when a customer walks into one they are charged at a flat rate of 8 pence a minute, which is the equivalent of £4.80 per hour. There is no further charge for the food and drink which you can have an unlimited amount of, and there is also free Wi-Fi available.

The idea is to have large spaces for people to gather and meet work colleagues, have a conference, work on their laptops and chat with their friends and family. They clock in, spend as much time as they need, eat and drink food when they require it, and they pay for the time they have been in the cafe when they are ready to leave.

Coffee, Toast & Biscuits

Obviously, due to the pretty low charges to frequent these cafes, the food and drink is not gourmet standard by any stretch of the imagination. But what they do have available is cakes, biscuits, toast, fruit and cereals, along with coffee, tea and various juices.

There are already two Ziberflat cafes in Manchester and one in Liverpool and London. Ziberflat means clock face in Russian and these cafes are turning out to be very successful all around Europe. They are created in an effort to create a positive community experience for all those who visit them and they seem to be a doing a very fine job so far.

We love anyone who provides an innovative and creative experience around food and drink, and so we certainly applaud Ziberflat for their initiative and I am sure they will prove very popular in many cities around the UK.