Will Breakfast Broth Be Your Morning Beverage In 2019

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Bone BrothWe hope we are not going too Gwyneth Paltrow on you but we found a very interesting article in The Grocer this morning which ruminated on 5 key food and drink trends for the coming year, and one of these was bone broth. Suppliers are hoping that bone broth could be the alternative to coffee at the breakfast table.

Supercharge With Coconut Oil

The bone broth they are talking about is being supercharged by various healthy fats such as our much loved coconut oil and grass-fed butter. We must admit that adding our delicious Coconut Gold organic coconut oil to a steaming dish of bone broth does sound like a great way to start the day!

Food & Drink Trends 2019

The other 4 food and drink trends they are anticipating are the following:

  • Alternative Grains “Freekeh, wheatberries and amaranth. Chances are, most shoppers wouldn’t know what these grains are – let alone how to incorporate them into a meal. Still, they could soon be as well known as quinoa.”
  • Unusual Citrus Fruits “Nigella Lawson raved about finger limes during her trip to Australia last year. The fruit made such a big impression, in fact, that Nigella ordered a plant when she arrived back in the UK. Now the fruit is gaining a wider following on social media thanks to its arresting visual credentials (pictured above). The Lime Caviar Company, which specialises in finger limes, has more than 7,000 followers on Instagram. Another contender for unusual citrus fruit of the year is calamansi.”
  • West African Cuisine “Tangy chicken yassa and jollof rice —- The so-called ‘African comfort food’ of chicken yassa (pictured above), a spicy dish prepared with onions and lemon, has obvious crowd-pleasing potential.”
  • New Botanicals “The beauty industry has long used rosehip in everything from tonic water to facial oil. Now it could make the transition into food and drink. In its taste charts for 2019, Kerry forecast botanical flavours such as rosehip and pandan would prove particularly popular due to their “healthy connotations” and ability to provide a “new, exciting taste experience”.As rosehip contains plenty of vitamin C – and is also used to soothe stomach problems – it certainly ticks the health boxes. Meanwhile, pandam leaves can add a healthy touch of sweetness to drinks and desserts. Mix it in with a bone broth and you could have a decidedly 2019 beverage on your hands.”

Oil, Grains, Fruits & Botanicals

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