Will A Brexit No Deal Lead To A Shortage In Food Supplies?

Brexit No DealThere is growing concern for many businesses, both within the food industry and in other sectors, that a deal will not be reached by the UK government and the European Union over Brexit terms. This could of course lead to a whole host of problems in importing and exporting goods and services, and there is a fear that it may lead to a shortage of certain foods in some instances.

No Stockpiling Of Food Provisions

To allay these fears, new Brexit secretary Dominic Raab assured the Brexit select committee that the government were not stockpiling food provisions but they were working hard to ensure that there would be no disruption to food supplies if a deal could not be engineered between the UK and the EU by March of next year.

In a Guardian article today Raab was quoted as saying to the Brexit select committee: “We will look at this issue in the round and make sure that there’s adequate food supplies,”

“It would be wrong to describe it as the government doing the stockpiling … of course the idea that we only get food imports into this country from one continent is not appropriate.”

Fears Of A Brexit No Deal

Health secretary Matt Hancock is also quoted in the same article as saying: “We are working right across government to ensure that the health sector and the industry are prepared and that people’s health will be safeguarded in the event of a no-deal Brexit,” and although he did go on to say that he was confident a deal would be reached it has raised fears among many critics of the Brexit negotiating process that the chances of a no-deal are growing closer every day.

There is no doubt that we would prefer a deal to be done in good time that would be acceptable to both parties (although how this is going to be possible is anyones guess!) but we will be ensuring we are ready for any eventuality here at Global Foods & Provisions to ensure we can carry on providing the best possible products and the best possible service to our clients. But we look forward to how this story runs with interest!!