Why More People Will Be Switching To Organic Produce In 2018

Switching To Organic ProduceOrganic produce is becoming more and more popular and there is no doubt it will be big business in 2018. The only critics of organic foods and drinks that I have heard have been ones who have a vested interest in criticising these products. As long as the organic produce that you buy and consume can be fully traced so you know that the food and drink that you are purchasing is what it says on the label, then you are definitely buying a product that in most instances will be better quality, tastier, more nutritionally beneficial and safer than its non organic counterpart.

The Many Kinds Of Organic Products

When people once thought of organic food they probably only thought of fruits and vegetables, but now people want to purchase all sorts of foods which are organic including food grains, pulses, spices, teas, oils including coconut oil etc.

Organic Foods Safer For Children & Adults

Organic Foods & DrinksThere is a quote in an article in the Economic Times (which you can read at the link) which pretty much sums up the health benefits of organic foods perfectly. It is by Dr Saurabh Arora, MD and Founder of Food Safety Helpline, and he said: “Organic foods have gained popularity because people have become aware of their benefits. They contain no chemical pesticides and fertilizers and are grown naturally with manure or compost and only natural pesticides and insecticides are used.

“Children are more susceptible than adults to diseases caused by chemical pesticide residues in food and so parents prefer to give them organic foods. Another advantage is that organic foods do not contain growth hormones or antibiotic residues. Animals are often given growth hormones and antibiotics in animal feeds which are directly passed into animal foods like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products and from foods to the consumers. In organic farming these practices are banned and animals feed outside in natural surroundings. Antibiotic containing foods consumed frequently makes these antibiotics ineffective in humans,”

Organic Gold Brand Coming Soon

At Global Foods & Provisions Ltd we are very aware of the need to improve the health of our nation and the wider world, and using organic products is one step towards this. We will soon be launching our own brand of organic products, Organic Gold, so please look out for this in the near future. We do have many organic food and drink products available for you now, all which can be traced and are of exceptional quality. For more details on our organic products please give us a call on 0161 660 3380.