Vegan The Fastest Growing Cuisine In The UK

Popularity Of Vegan FoodIt is fair to say that there seems to be some friction between the meat eaters of the UK in one corner and the non-meat eaters in the other. I know this is a generalisation but many meat eaters tend to look down and sneer at vegetarians and vegans for their beliefs, and likewise many veggies and vegans can be quite hardcore in their attitude and aggressive against anyone who eats meat.

Popularity Of Vegan Food

It is a shame that people are not more relaxed about the whole issue as there has certainly been great strides made in animal welfare over the last decade or so within the meat industry and with the increase in the sales of organic products continuing apace this can only help continue this process. And of course vegetarians and vegans, while still a sizable minority of the population in the UK, are growing in numbers month by month and year by year, and their voice is getting stronger all the time.

The food industry is definitely listening to the non-meat eaters among us and taking on board their concerns as well as providing more products and alternatives for them. A few years ago it was virtually impossible for vegans to go to a cafe or restaurant and find something on the menu that they could eat, now they can be spoilt for choice in some of the more enlightened eating establishments.

People Looking For Healthy Alternatives

Healthy FoodsJust Eat recently released some interesting figures on eating trends regarding what they are supplying to their customers. Although the kebab, the pizza and the burger are still king in the UK high street they revealed that many of their customers were becoming more adventurous and ordering the hottest new cuisines and healthier alternatives including vegan food. Indeed vegan has proven to be the fastest growing cuisine ordered on Just Eat last year, showing an astonishing 1,500% increase over the course of 12 months.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

It is in everyone`s interests for there to be more variety and choice in the UK, and that includes more vegetarian and vegan options, as well as sustainable farming practices and an increase in organic produce. At Global Foods we have a wide range of ingredients which we can supply to anyone in the food industry, all ethically sourced and fully accredited, so if you would like more details on what we have to offer please give us a call in the first instance on 0161 660 3380.