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Hello and it`s great to be back writing the blog again after a short break to recharge the batteries. We hope you have had a fantastic summer, both personally and with your business, and are looking forward to what the rest of the year brings.

Vanilla Seeds

Vanilla Seeds With A Wonderful Texture

Today on this short blog we thought we would draw your attention to the vanilla seeds that we have in stock at this moment in time. You can see from the picture above that they have a wonderful texture to them and are proving a very popular line for us.

These particular vanilla seeds are from pods which have previously been used in the production of Vanilla Extract. They are a very mild flavour and are mainly sought after for their texture and beautiful appearance.

Subtle Vanilla Flavour

Vanilla seeds can of course be used for a variety of things, you can add them to milk, cream and yogurt etc to give them a lovely subtle vanilla flavour, and you can put them in sugar to make it vanilla scented. You can also add them to lots of different cake and biscuit recipes to add the perfect touch.

If these vanilla seeds pique your interest, or there is another food or drink ingredient that you would like to get hold of, then I am sure we can help you. Why not give our offices in Northwich a call in the first instance on 0161 660 3380 as we would love to assist you.

That is all for this blog, we will catch up with you again next week I am sure.

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