Tom Brady Is Our Kind Of Guy

Tom Brady Uses Himalayan Pink SaltNow if you are from the United States its very likely that you have heard of Tom Brady, however here in the UK he is not so famous, so lets just give you some background information on the guy. Tom Brady has won an incredible 6 Super Bowls, he plays in the key position of quarterback for the New England Patriots, and he is now 41 years old but still super fit.

What piqued our interest about Tom when we read about him was his diet. As you would expect for a high quality athlete he takes meticulous care of what he does consume in a day, and what he particularly likes using is organic coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt, both items that we supply to our clients. He believes that however much exercise you do you will never be ultra fit if you don`t follow the right diet and get the right nutrients in your body.

Tom Brady Uses Himalayan Pink Salt

In an article on the Livestrong website it says that Mr Brady “avoids coffee, caffeine, fungus, dairy and most fruits, other than bananas. But the list doesn’t end there. White sugar, white flour and MSG are also no-gos. And while his chef will use raw olive oil, he never cooks with it and instead uses coconut oil. “Fats like canola oil turn into trans fats…I use Himalayan pink salt as the sodium. I never use iodized salt,” he added.

 “—-Brady also follows the alkaline diet, which aims to minimize muscle inflammation. He explains in his book that it helps him stay healthy and avoid getting injured on the field.

“Acidifying” foods — including white bread and rice, cold cuts, fruits such as pineapple — are theoretically limited to around 20 percent of his diet. The majority of his diet consists of alkalizing foods — such as root veggies, leafy greens, fruits such as bananas and cherries, nuts and whole grains.

Organic Coconut Oil“According to his personal chef, Brady’s diet is 80 percent veggies (organic and only the “freshest”, and 20 percent lean meats like grass-fed organic steak, duck, and chicken. He will also eat whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet and beans.”

Garlic Toasted In Coconut Oil

“—-Brady’s cheat meal is incredibly nutritious. According to his chef, it is something along the line of a quinoa dish with wilted greens. “I use kale or Swiss chard or beet greens,” Campbell said. “I add garlic, toasted in coconut oil. And then some toasted almonds, or this cashew sauce with lime curry, lemongrass and a little bit of ginger. That’s just comfort food.”

This diet certainly seems to be doing the trick for Tom, and with lots of greens, nuts and whole grains he is certainly having a nutritious diet. If you are in the food industry and you want a supplier for such products as nuts, wholegrains, fruits, organic coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt then you have come to the right place, give us a call at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd on 0161 660 3380.