The Sustainable Food Trust On Profit & Sustainability In Farming

The Sustainable Food Trust are an organisation who are working towards helping farms achieve a more environmentally friendly approach to farming without impacting on their profits,and they do a fine job in working with farmers and government organisations etc to achieve this goal.

Sustainable Food Trust

Improve Their Profit Margin Whilst Helping The Planet

To this end the Sustainable Food Trust chief executive Patrick Holden has called for more inducements for farms that are willing to change to more organic, sustainable practices, rather than just hitting farmers with penalties, so that these farmers can improve their profit margin whilst helping the planet at the same time.

In an article in Farmers Weekly Patrick is quoted as saying that:

“We can’t blame farmers for simply following what makes economic sense,” he says.

“But British agriculture needs to become more sustainable – to better respect the environment and produce food that is better for human health – and that can only be achieved if it is profitable to do so.”

He goes on to say in the article that: “Michael Gove has brought some brilliant fresh thinking since taking over as Defra secretary,” says Mr Holden. “We now have a golden opportunity to take the average direct payment of £80/acre and use it to reward farmers who embrace environmental improvement.”

A Tax Could Be Introduced On Pesticides

He also wants the farms that use harmful practices that impact on the environment to get stung in the pocket more and so, as the article says:

“a tax could be introduced on certain pesticides, artificial fertiliser and antibiotics, to make them more expensive and so dissuade farmers from using them.”

Any funds raised could be channeled into a new environmental programme, he adds.

Incentivising Organic Farming

The way we farm the land has a major impact on the environment and so anything the authorities can do to incentivise organic farming practices should be applauded. As a business we supply a great deal of fresh organic produce that is impeccably sourced and certified. For information on all the food and drink ingredients we have available please give us a call on 0161 660 3380.

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    The mission of the Sustainable Food Trust is to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food and farming systems, said Holden. Himself a farmer in Wales with an 80-cow dairy herd, Holden put forward “

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