The Benefits Of Adding Coconut Oil To Your Coffee

There has been a trend, and one which I certainly follow myself, to add some good quality organic coconut oil to your morning coffee, or indeed your afternoon coffee. But is doing this really good for you?

Helping You Maintain Ketosis

Coffee, with its caffeine, gives your system a nice energy boost first thing in the morning, and it also contains antioxidants and various nutrients that are beneficial also. And adding coconut oil to the coffee “can help you reach or maintain ketosis, a metabolic state in which your body uses ketones — molecules produced from fat breakdown — as fuel instead of glucose, a type of sugar” according to an article by Ryan Raman on the website EcoWatch.

High Fat, Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

So adding coconut oil to coffee can be very useful if you wish to follow the high fat, low carb ketogenic diet which is so popular right now. The ketogenic diet has been linked to loss of weight, improved blood sugar control and and the reduced risk of heart disease. Here are some more details about how adding coconut oil can benefit you according to the article:

  • May speed up your metabolism. Studies show that MCTs in coconut oil and caffeine in coffee may speed up your metabolism, which can increase the number of calories you burn in a day.
  • May improve energy levels. Coffee contains caffeine, which can help you feel less tired. Coconut oil packs MCTs, which are transported straight to your liver and can act as a quick source of energy as well.
  • May help keep your bowels regular. Coconut oil MCTs and coffee compounds like caffeine and chlorogenic acids may help stimulate your bowels and keep your digestive system healthy.
  • May help raise HDL (good) cholesterol. Several studies have found that coconut oil can raise levels of HDL cholesterol, which is protective against heart disease.

Coconut Gold

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