Study Shows Eating Organic Foods Can Significantly Reduce Level Of Pesticides In Your System

Pesticides & FoodThere was an extremely interesting study recently conducted by the University of California which tracked pesticide levels in 4 families from across the country for 2 weeks. The results were unsurprising but alarming in equal measure.

Urine Samples Taken Of Pesticide Levels

In the first week of the study the families stayed on a regular non organic diet, eating a range of non-organic foods, then on the second week they stayed true to a completely organic diet. Urine samples were taken during the study from all the members of each family to check the pesticide levels in their system. Here is what they found as relayed in an article in The Guardian last Friday:

“The results? Of the 14 chemicals tested, every single member of every family had detectable levels. After switching to an organic diet, these levels dropped dramatically. Levels across all pesticides dropped by more than half on average. Detectable levels for the pesticide malathion, a probable human carcinogen according to the World Health Organization, decreased a dramatic 95%.

–“When you choose organically-grown products, you’re guaranteed they were not grown with chlorpyrifos or the roughly 900 synthetic pesticides allowed in non-organic agriculture. Many of these pesticides are now understood to cause cancer, affect the body’s hormonal systems, disrupt fertility, cause developmental delay for children or Parkinson’s, depression, or Alzheimer’s as we age. This study shows that eating organic can dramatically decrease the pesticides you’re exposed to.”

Eating Organic Foods Beneficial To Health

Switching To Organic ProduceSo this very worthwhile study has shown without a shadow of a doubt that eating organic foods can be beneficial for your health in that you will not be exposed to many of the pesticides that can cause great damage to your health, in the worst case scenarios causing cancers and other diseases.

This is one of the reasons that we as a company are focusing on more organic products and ingredients, so if you wish to find out what we can supply to you and your business please give us a call on 0161 660 3380.