Some Of Our Favourite Comfort Foods

Favourite Comfort FoodsIt was the International Day of Happiness yesterday, something which we probably all need right now looking at the global picture, and research for the day found that one of the things that never fails to put a big smile on our face is food! Food is something that we can all look forward to each and every day (at least here in the West) and the report found that more than three quarters of the people surveyed said that food brought them more enjoyment than anything else.

1 in 5 of the people surveyed even said that eating their favourite meal was better than sex, whether their partners agreed with them is a moot point but there is probably every chance!!

Chocolate Is A Big Favourite

We have some fine eating establishments here in the UK and we can choose from an array of international cuisine but interestingly many in the survey said that they preferred classic comfort food to anything else. Our favourite comfort foods are the usual suspects, with chocolate leading the way.

Other comfort foods that are very popular include the classic English dish of fish and chips, and then there are dishes such as a delicious curry, a good burger, a lovely steak and for dessert some ice cream.

Ditching The Junk Food & Eating Healthily

Do you feel the same? Or is there other food that makes you happier? My tastes have changed a great deal over the years and as I have tried to incorporate healthy eating into my daily regime I find that junk food makes me feel tired and listless. There is nothing wrong with the odd bar of chocolate but I enjoy it as a rare treat and I like the really dark chocolate that has 70%+ cocoa in it.

Avocado Rich In LuteinI love vegetables so my favourite dishes would be such things as salmon stir fry with lots of veg, lasagne with lots of aubergine, eggs baked in avocado etc. The list is pretty endless to be honest. But I think if we try to be a little more adventurous in our eating habits and try to incorporate plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as healthy fats into our diet then we will be a lot more healthier. Food is there to be enjoyed but if it can be nutritious and keep us healthy at the same time then all the better.

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