Scare Stories & Scandals In Food Industry Leaves Market Open For Organic Produce

Market Open For Organic ProduceThere have been a number of scare stories within the food industry over the last few years here in the UK which has led to great mistrust from consumers over many products and companies. These scandals leave the market open for organic produce to come to the fore as the white knight, promoting ethical and good quality food and drinks.

Intensified Farming & Harmful Pesticides

The worries over mass intensified agricultural farming, the use of harmful pesticides which is a concern for wildlife, the land and the consumer, and of course huge concerns over the environment have all led to an upsurge in the popularity of organic produce as an antidote to all of this.

Over the last few years we have had the scandal involving horsemeat, Fipronil being found in eggs and recently some of the meat plants coming under fire after they were found changing the sell-by dates on packaging and other unsavoury work practices.

Ethical, Sustainable Organic Produce

We want more information about where our food is coming from, how it is produced, how the animals are looked after if it is meat, and how the food is processed. This is where organic food is in a strong position to give the consumers what they want, ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

Organic Gold BrandA recent report by the Soil Association commented that they see a great opportunity for organic producers. It believes that the constant stream of scare stories has “built more mistrust among consumers. But it bodes well for organic with its high ethical and welfare standards and independent inspections and verification.”

“Media stories about food practices, like chlorinated chicken in the US, and more genetically modified products, may lead consumers to choose items which have higher animal welfare and that are certified organic.”

At Global Foods Ltd we certainly see a great future for organic food and drinks, and with that in mind we are launching our own Organic Gold brand in the very near future. For information on the organic products we have available please give us a call here in Knutsford, Cheshire on 0161 660 3380.