Our Sister Website Gourmetastic Ready To Roll

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Welcome to our blog here at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd and today we want to give you news of our sister website which is http://gourmetastic.com/ We have recently given it a revamp and added a few more products to the site so we would like to give you some information on it and the reasons behind the creation of it.

Foodies Created Gourmetastic

At Global Foods we are all very serious foodies who love our food and like to pass on this love of food to as many people as possible. So we wanted to create an online portal where people can go to and get the best possible food and drink ingredients. And so Gourmetastic was created.

If you go to the site you will see we have an online shop where you can get food products of fantastic quality at a very good price. We are in the process of adding more products to the online store so it is well worth your while checking out the site on a regular basis to see what we have for you.

Coconut Gold & Himalayan Pink Salt

Coconut Gold

We have some of our favourite products on the site such as our own brand of organic, extra virgin coconut oil, Coconut Gold. We truly believe that if you buy a jar of Coconut Gold you will never buy another brand of coconut oil again. It is delicious and packed full of nutrition. We also have for sale at http://gourmetastic.com/ Himalayan Pink Salt. Himalayan Pink Salt is believed to have fantastic re-hydration properties and is high in mineral content. This wonderful pink salt comes direct from the mountains of the Himalayas.

We also sell Juniper Berries on the site by the jar. Juniper berries are best known for their role in the production of gin, which is having a huge renaissance at the present time, but they are good to add to numerous dishes and drinks. They are also good for the skin, the heart and the digestive system and an aid to sleeping!

We hope you check out the website and if there are any questions please don`t hesitate to contact us either by email or by ringing us on 0161 660 3380.