Our Commitment To Organic Food & Drink Products

We would like to reiterate our desire to commit to more organic food and drink products as our company progresses. As we have mentioned previously we are soon to be launching our own range of organic products following on from the successful launch of Coconut Gold, our organic, extra virgin coconut oil which is produced in fair trade conditions in Sri Lanka. This is the first of many organic products that we will be helping to produce, all of them with the same exceptional quality.

Below is a video we created around our commitment to organic products. Please check it out, we hope it entertains you!



We are very aware that it is of huge importance to produce and supply products that are ethically created and with full traceability, and we are certainly ensuring that all our products come into this category. If you purchase any products from us here at Global Foods you can have full confidence in their quality and where they have been sourced.

For more information on our services you can give us a call at our offices here in Knutsford, Cheshire by ringing 0161 660 3380, we would love to hear from you and assist you, whatever type of business or organisation you are working in. We supply to both very small food businesses and large companies so everyone is welcome to get in touch.