Organic Sales Soar As Consumers Enjoy The Benefits

A recent report confirmed that sales of organic foods had quintupled since the turn of the century, which is an astonishing rise. There are a number of reasons why this has happened. One is of course that consumers have realised the many great benefits of going organic. As well as this our celebrity culture here in the West has helped drive sales, with many high profile celebs making a great play of eating organic foods, along with many popular TV chefs who like to use organic products when cooking their dishes on their programmes.

The Benefits Of Producing Organic Food

The Benefits Of Producing Organic FoodAnd then there are the many farmers around the world who have seen the benefits of producing organic food and drink. Not only can they charge a higher price in most cases for their produce but they find that it is more fun producing organic food and not using chemicals on their land and crops.

Let us look at some of the benefits that consumers enjoy:

  • As we mentioned when we eat organic products we are avoiding chemicals which we now know can have a serious effect on peoples health, and have all sorts of nasty side effects.
  • Studies have found that organic foods on the whole have a lot more nutritional value.
  • Animal products that have not been brought to the table organically can be full of hormones, antibiotics and drugs which can again cause health issues.
  • Producing crops etc organically means you are being kind to the land and so is a more environmentally sound way of producing food and drink.
  • Organic farming is a more sustainable way of producing food and can benefit us and also many generations to come.
  • Organic food tastes better!! This is of course of huge importance to all us foodies who love their food. Why eat bland food when you can eat delicious, nutritious organic foods?!

Launching Our Organic Gold Brand

Organic Gold BrandWe could go on but the above are probably the major benefits of us going organic. We will soon be launching our Organic Gold brand which we are very excited about so watch this space, the products that we are going to have available will I am sure delight all our clients.

For more information on what services and products we have to offer here at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd you can always give us a call on 0161 660 3380 and we would be glad to have a chat with you. We have a fantastic range of foods which you can take advantage of.