New Superfoods Programme Proves A Hit

Last night Channel 4 hosted a brand new TV programme called Superfoods:The Real Story, which is aimed at finding out “the truth behind the hype” with regards to superfoods. I have to admit I was half expecting them to do a bit of a hatchet job on superfoods but nothing could be further than the truth, and encouragingly all the 3 products in the first programme of the series got very positive results when tested.

The show is presented by the very likable Kate Quilton who did an excellent job of giving a balanced view of all the evidence provided. The first programme looked at African greens such as amaranth and jute mallow, olive oil in relation to Alzheimer`s and snail slime! 

Snail Slime Has Regeneration Properties

Snails are now not only a delicacy for the French but their slime is now being used in creams to help to brighten and regenerate the skin. It is used in anti-aging creams and when it was tested in a laboratory in Brighton it was found to have very strong anti-bacterial properties which can help in the fight against such issues as acne. The creams were not cheap but they did seem to work.

Amaranth & Jute Mallow

Next we were off to Ghana in West Africa where Kate was told of the healthy properties in African greens such as amaranth and jute mallow. These were again tested in a laboratory and both these greens were found to have very high mineral content. They were particularly rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Jute mallow was found to have 20 times more iron than cabbage!!

Olive Oil & Alzheimer`s Disease

Finally the show looked at extra virgin olive oil and how this can help in the fight against Alzheimers disease. Protein fragments in the brain can stop the nerve cells functioning which is one way that Alzheimers can grow, but olive oil can in fact stimulate the enzymes in the brain which will in turn clear the fragments. For olive oil to have the best chance of doing this it must be good quality, fresh olive oil and you must consume it before heating it up.

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