Moor Hall In Lancashire Wins Britain`s Restaurant Of The Year

It is great to see a Lancashire restaurant, namely Moor Hall in Aughton, win Restaurant of the Year at the Estrella Damm National Restaurant Awards 2019. Now let me say at the outset I have nothing against London at all, but the food scene has been centred around London for far too long and it is a fine sight to see other parts of the country recognised for their food.

Restaurant Of The Year

Great Dining Experiences Throughout Britain

In fact the most interesting thing about these awards were that 46 of the 100 restaurants named at the ceremony were outside London, a record number. Great dining experiences can now be found spread throughout Britain with Manchester a particular hotspot as its bar and restaurant scene is growing at 3 times the rate as that of London`s.

Host Of Fantastic Restaurants To Choose From

Looking at the reasons behind the move away from London, it probably boils down to supply and demand. There is a greater demand all over Britain now for fine food, beer and wine, and so businesses are opening to fill the gap. Manchester for instance is a growing, thriving city which has never looked back since the city was renovated after the IRA bomb blast in 1996. People want the very best when they visit the city and that includes wonderful cafes and restaurants. Likewise the cities of Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham have a host of fantastic restaurants to choose from.

I remember going to various countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy and being blown away by the fantastic food and drink available in all the cities there, now it is lovely to see that Britain is catching up fast and is delivering a great experience to its visitors.

Fresh, Organic Ingredients

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