Let`s Talk About Salt!

Salt has had rather a bad deal over the last few years so we thought it would be good to give it some positive publicity for a change! As any superchef, or indeed ordinary chef, will tell you, salt brings out the flavour in dishes, it enhances what is already there and can really transform a meal into something special.

Pink Himalayan Salt

This isn`t to say that you should be drenching your meals in the white stuff, but used sparingly it is a very important tool in any chefs armoury (I nearly wrote for any chef worth his salt but thought better of it!)

Salt does have to be used reasonably sparingly, as groups like Action on Salt have been quick to point out a high salt diet can lead to all manner of illnesses including high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. But there is a place for it, particularly if it is a good quality salt. And it is also worth pointing out that about three quarters of the salt we consume actually comes from ready prepared meals.

As a recent article in inews points out “perhaps the solution lies in reconsidering our overall diet and approach to food manufacturing, rather than demonising all salt. The body can’t make salt, and yet we can’t live without it, as it’s essential for transmitting nerve impulses, contracting and relaxing muscle fibres, and to maintain fluid balance.

“Salt has long been valued for its health-giving properties in body scrubs, Epsom salt baths for aching limbs, or gargling salt water to soothe a sore throat.”

The article elaborates on the beneficial effects of adding salt to meals, saying: “Seasoning with salt is like a good story,” It should have a beginning, middle, and an end.” This three-stage approach to seasoning is the book’s simplest, and most revelatory insight: salting food throughout the cooking process adds layers of incremental flavour that a sprinkle at the end can never achieve.

–” only reach for the pepper mill to add warmth or a little spice, and use salt to lighten or brighten the flavours. “If you don’t salt your food, you’re missing out on so much,” says Alison. “Salt makes food taste like more of itself. Take cookies, for example, a pinch of salt makes the cocoa taste more chocolatey and the butter more buttery. It’s magic!”

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