Let`s Make Organic Farming The Standard Way To Farm

Organic Farming MethodsThere is a brilliant article in the Ecologist today, 2nd April 2019, about Embracing Organic Farming and the main thrust of this piece by Natalie Bennett is that organic farming should be the standard, the norm, so that farmers who don`t practice this type of farming feel out of step with the rest of the farming community.

We Must Slash Climate Change Emissions

In the article Natalie points out that: “We’re beginning to understand that agriculture must slash its climate change emissions and that it cannot keep coshing nature with pesticides that have done enormous damage to our ecosystems. Soils can be fertile without artificial fertilisers if the health of immensely complex natural systems is to be maintained.”

The Planet Is Running Out Of Time

The planet is running out of time so if we do not change the nature of our farming and consumption methods very quickly it will be too late for future generations. There are various strategies that could produce a more positive outcome but “There is only one alternative available: organics. There is a well-established legal and classificatory framework and registration systems for organically produced food.”

Organic FarmersAnd the article says that “There’s a lot of evidence that there’s a great and unmet demand for organic produce across the world. And there’s the practical reality of a world in which we’re already at, or have exceeded, our planetary limits.

“We need to make organic the basic standard, the way we expect farming to be conducted.

“One of the current problems with that is that certification is expensive – a cost that can be hard for farmers to meet – and the continuing cost of inspection and checking also has significant costs.

“One questioner of Michael Gove in his first visit to the Real Farming Conference in 2018 had a suggestion to deal with this. Instead of having to be specially certified as organic, why should any farmer not using organic methods have to face the costs of registration, of checking of their methods and approach, and of labelling appropriately their methods so consumers can know what they are buying?

Organic Farming Should Be The Standard System

“We need to make organic farming our standard farming system. Any deviation from that should occur only when it’s absolutely necessary – and should be documented, controlled and labelled accordingly. The costs of this deviation should be borne by the producer of non-organic food.

“If we are going to look after our soils, and our fragile, much-abused planet, that’s the only alternative.

Our stance at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd is that we support our organic farmers 100% and are adding more and more organic products to our supplies. Time is running out but it isn`t too late—-yet.