Jo Wicks TV Progamme Shows Healthy Change In Attitude To Food

Jo Wicks TV ProgrammeWe watched the Jo Wicks TV programme yesterday evening with a great deal of interest. Not only because Jo Wicks is a very engaging character and of course we are all foodies here at Global Foods, but because the programme showed how much attitudes are changing towards food and how we use it to replenish our system.

Jo Wicks: The Body Coach

It was the second part of a series of 2 last night of Jo Wicks: The Body Coach on C4, where he took four different people and helped them to live and eat healthily over a period of 90 days to transform their body shape and their health.  The results were spectacular, particularly the publican on the show who looked 10 years younger by the end of it. He lost a remarkable amount of inches around his waistline and lost over 3 stone in weight in the process.

Jo Wicks uses fun techniques to help people achieve their goals, combining short, sharp exercise plans that people with busy lifestyles can fit in, with healthy eating including both carbohydrated loaded and non carb meals. On exercise days the participants ate food with carbs and on rest days without carbs.

Delicious & Nutritious Meals

Avocado Rich In LuteinWe will leave the exercises to one side and focus on the food that Jo was preparing and extolling. It all looked extremely delicious and nutritious, and it was interesting to see he was using in many of his dishes good quality organic coconut oil and ingredients like avocado. These two ingredients are now seen as being full of healthy fats whereas once they would have been steered clear of because they were full of fats, particularly when someone is trying to lose weight.

But Jo Wicks to his credit likes to focus on freshly prepared meals made with fresh, healthy food ingredients. He wants people to steer clear of foods high in sugar, junk food, poor quality takeaway food (and we should always make sure we make a distinction between low quality and good quality takeaway food as there are many food establishments who supply excellent, nutritious food to take away) and use fresh, good quality ingredients to make their own meals.

High Quality Food & Drink Products

Which is exactly what we at Global Foods believe in. We supply high quality food and drink products to our clients across the UK and further afield. And if you want to know more about our products and our services please give us a no obligation call on 0161 660 3380 and we would be glad to assist you.