Is Young Men`s Fertility Being Damaged By A Junk Food Diet?

New research carried out by Harvard University has come to the conclusion that young men on a poor junk food diet could be seriously harming their chances of fathering children.

Junk Food Diet & Fertility

Processed Foods Damaging Sperm Count

There have been numerous reports of the sperm count of men lowering over the last few decades and this research is showing that a diet concentrated on processed foods including pizza, burgers, chips and high fat snacks can damage the sperm count to such an extent that some will never be able to father a child. The research found conversely that a diet rich in fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit is the best diet to ensure a healthy sperm count. And a change to a healthy diet can see healthy changes to the sperm count level within 2 to 3 months.

Study Shows The Power Of Diet

In an article on this study by science correspondent Henry Bodkin of The Telegraph Professor Allan Pacey from the University of Sheffield, a leading authority on sperm, said: “This just shows the power of diet to the way that testicles function.

“The concern would be that poor diet younger in life makes a change that sticks with you.”

On the research itself the article reads that:

“The Harvard researchers accessed the data of nearly 3,000 men who underwent a medical examination upon starting national service in the Danish armed forces.

“The average age was 19.

“From the responses to a dietary questionnaire, four types of diet were identified: a “Western” diet characterised by red meat, processed meat, fatty and sugary food and drink; a “prudent” diet comprising mainly chicken, fish, vegetables and fruit; a “Smørrebrød” diet cold processed meats, whole grains, mayonnaise, cold fish, condiments, and dairy; and a traditional vegetarian diet, involving lots of vegetables, soya milk and eggs.

“Sperm health, as measured by concentration, volume and motility, was best in those following the prudent diet, followed by the vegetarian and then Smørrebrød diets, with those adhering to a western diet yielding the worse readings.

“The scientists also conducted hormonal tests indicating the health of sperm-producing Sertoli cells, again finding that these were depleted in the young men who favoured junk food.”

Diet Rich In Fruit, Vegetables, Fish, Nuts & Wholegrains

So the moral of this story is have a diet low in processed, fatty, sugary foods but high in fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and wholegrains, much of which you can get from us here at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd. Our food ingredients are of a very high quality, impeccably sourced and certified so you have complete peace of mind when buying from us. For more details on what we have to offer you give us a call here at our offices on 0161 660 3380.

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