Is Coconut Oil A Useful Aid In The Fight Against Cancer?

Coconut oil is now widely lauded for its beneficial properties, not to mention the fact that it makes many stir fries and curries etc taste delicious. It has been reported that coconut oil is beneficial for the heart, as an aid to the digestive system and also is great brain food that help to possibly ward off dementia. Many people use it as a hair conditioner and a skin moisturiser too.

Coconut Oil Helps Cancer Patients

Coconut Oil Helps Cancer PatientsAs well as the above there have been studies that uphold the proposition that coconut oil can help in the fight against certain cancers. The website Alternative Daily has an article which has just been published recently giving 3 benefits of coconut oil to cancer patients. Here are some excerpts from the article about these 3 benefits and you can also read the full article at the link above:

1. Wards Off Certain Cancer Cells

Colon cancer is a common cancer that can be very painful. During clinical studies by the American Society for Nutrition, research showed that the fats found in coconut oil can be used in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as “diabetes, osteoporosis, virus-related diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes, etc.),  gallbladder disease, Chrohn’s disease, and cancer.”

 2. Eases Chemotherapy Pain

Studies show that virgin coconut oil can decrease the side effects of chemotherapy, potentially easing the chemotherapy pain for breast cancer patients. The overall improvement in the quality of life was seen specifically in the lives of breast cancer patients who used coconut oil,  according to a study by Lipids in Health and Disease.

The cancer patients who used virgin coconut oil during the study saw an improvement in their fatigue, dyspnea, sleep difficulties, and loss of appetite symptoms in comparison to patients who didn’t use virgin coconut oil. The patients who used virgin coconut oil also had improvements in breast functioning, body image, sexual function, future perspective, breast symptoms, and systemic therapy side effects during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

 3. Fights Pathogens

Maintaining a healthy immune system can be extremely challenging while battling cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy can wreak havoc on your body causing your immune system to plummet.

Since coconut oil is loaded with medium chain fatty acids, it’s the perfect product to increase the function of your immune system when used as a dietary supplement. Coconut oil is the best oil for your immune system. It’s even known to be more effective than unsaturated oil!

Coconut oil has antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal benefits. Using coconut oil while cooking or in supplements, disrupts the lipid membrane, killing the pathogens without damaging the cancer patient or harming healthy bacteria in the body. Coconut oil also contains monoglycerides and fatty acids, like lauric acid and capric acid, that help act as antimicrobial functions to fight troublesome germs and viruses.

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