How Organic Foods Fit The Major Trends Which Influence Our Food Choices

Organic Food & Drink SectorWelcome to the Global Foods & Provisions Ltd blog and in today`s article we thought we would look at the key trends which are influencing our food choices in 2018. As luck would have it organic foods tick all the boxes when it comes to these key trends which is one of the reasons why these foods are becoming increasingly popular here in the UK and indeed across Europe and further afield.

Organic Food & Drink Sector Rising

The organic food and drink sector was worth around £2.2 billion in 2017, well up on previous years, but it is likely that figure will be dwarfed by this years figures. Looking at the figures for the various organic products, dairy organic products make up the largest market share with over 25% of the overall figure, followed by fruit and vegetables which take up just under 25% and then meat, fish and poultry with just over 10% of the organic market share.

Why We Purchase The Foods We Do

There are 6 major trends which are influencing what people are buying and eating at this moment in time, according to a recent survey by the Soil Association, all of them covered by organic foods. These 6 key trends have been taken from the Food Navigator website where you can read the full article, but here are the trends as follows:

  1. Healthiness: Consumers want products that are natural and less processed.
  2. Taste and Inspiration: Buyers believe the quality of a product is aligned with its taste.
  3. Fits around me: Consumers want to achieve a balance between price, quantity, quality, time to prepare and tastes everyone will love.
  4. Pleasure: People like to buy some foods that are special and indulgent.
  5. Value: Value is something which is personal to each individual and it consists of price, quality and convenience.
  6. Making A Statement: Consumers buy with their eyes and so often purchase foods which look great or the packaging around them looks great.

Varied Selection Of Organic Food & Drinks

Switching To Organic ProduceThere is no doubt that organic foods fit into all the above categories and so are now very much sought after. We have a varied selection of organic food and drink products for our clients at any one time and we are at present creating our own range of organic foods which is going to the Organic Gold brand. For more information on what products we have available please get in touch with us by calling Global Foods on 0161 660 3380.