Honest Eats Company Fridge To Be Installed At Dublin Airport

Honesty Based Food And Drink OutletThere is going to be a very interesting trial at Dublin airport where they are installing an honesty based food and drink outlet in one of the food halls in Terminal 1.

Honesty Eats Company Scheme

The Honest Eats Company will install a fridge which will offer a range of food and drinks including sandwiches, wraps, pastries and salads. There will be a cashless self service checkout where customers will be able to pay for the items that they take with cards or mobile. The company will be relying on the honesty of the public in paying for the food and drink that they take and the checkout will send messages of what is being taken so that staff can replenish any soon to be exhausted supplies.

If the trial, which is to go on for around 4 weeks, is deemed to be a success, then the company will be looking to open further outlets at the airport with a view to eventually installing them in other airports across Europe and further afield.

92% Paid In A Previous Trial

They trialed Plane Water stations at the airport a few years ago where they sold bottled water and people paid via a coin box. Of the people who took these bottles approximately 92% paid for them which the company were very happy with.

This sort of scheme should work very well in an airport where people want to grab some food and drink, and pay for it quickly and move on, so as long as enough people are honest and pay for the products they take this is an excellent idea. Obviously the company is cutting down on labour when it is unmanned and so they can probably afford for a small minority of people not to pay for their items. In an ideal world everyone would of course pay but if we are going to be realistic here this is never going to happen, but 9 out of 10 paying I am sure would be a pretty good result for the Honest Eats Company.