Gluten Free Foods from GF&P

Gluten Free Foods

Our certified range of Gluten Free products include:-

Buckwheat Grits
Buckwheat Flour
Buckwheat Flakes
Toasted Kibbled SoyaSoya Flakes
Sunflower Seed
Sunflower Chips
Pumpkin Seed
Pumpkin Seed Chips
Brown Linseed / Flax Seed
Crushed Brown Linseed / Crushed Flax Seed
Milled Brown Linseed / Milled Flax Seed
Poppy Seed
Chia Seed

Gluten Free Suppliers

Global Foods & Provisions Ltd are gluten free suppliers who are committed to sourcing the very best gluten free foods around, so we can pass them on to our clients.

Gluten free foods are required more than ever, as more and more people realise they have conditions that mean a gluten free diet is the best remedy for them. It could be because they are a coeliac or some other digestive disorder so it is important that these people have the right foods available for them.

Gluten Free Food Shop

If you have a specialist gluten free food shop we can certainly supply you with many if not all of the food ingredients that you require. Wouldn`t it be useful to you if you could all the things you wanted from one source?

You may be a cafe or an event company who just want a small supply of food ingredients and this is absolutely fine as we can deliver small quantities as well as bigger quantities to our clients.

Please let us know if you are looking for a gluten free ingredient not listed above and we will do our best to help. The list above is certainly not the complete list of what we have as we have new supplies coming in all the time. So you can contact us for any queries about gluten free foods by either filling in the online form on the Contact Us page or you can give us a call on 0161 660 3380.