Gluten Free Diets Essential For Coeliacs But Not For The Rest

Following a gluten free diet seems to be all the rage both in the United States and here in the UK and many people now follow this form of diet even if they are not gluten intolerant. But if you have no need to stick to be eating gluten free then it could be bad for your health.

Why People Are Eating Gluten Free

Eating Gluten Free

There has been an interesting piece of market research done in the States recently and the research found the following reasons why people were following a gluten free regime. 26% were sticking to a gluten free diet because they believed it was the healthiest option, another 10% were gluten free because someone in their family were sensitive to gluten, 19% were gluten free to aid digestive health and only 8% were avoiding gluten because they were sensitive to it.

Coeliacs & Gluten

If you are a coeliac then you must avoid foods with gluten in at all costs and the gluten can damage the stomach and cause serious long term complications. Some people can also be very gluten sensitive so need to be careful with their diet. But the vast majority of people don`t need to follow a gluten free diet  and they should just have a regular diet and here is why.

Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiency

If you are not very careful, following a gluten free diet can lead to a deficiency in vitamins and nutrients, specifically iron, folate and vitamin B. One major issue that you need to be very careful of is that many gluten free foods have more fat and sugar in them than foods containing gluten. So following a gluten free diet can lead to people putting on weight and more dangerously it can lead to diabetes if your diet becomes very highly concentrated in sugar and fat.

You also need to be careful what sort of gluten free products you are buying because there has been some evidence that people may have been exposed to various toxins in some of these products, including small doses of arsenic.

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Gluten Free Diets