Global Foods & Provisions are proud to announce that our Don Sabor Himalayan Pink and Persian Blue gourmet salts are now available to purchase within London’s exclusive department store Fortnum & Mason.

Founded and still remaining on the same site since 1707, Fortnum & Mason is a unique and mesmerising store. Fortnum’s are renowned as purveyors of fine foods, hampers, teas and wine. They have five restaurants within the store, from an award-winning wine bar to the wonderful traditional ice cream parlour.

Food may be first in the minds at Fortnum’s but that is not all. From the serious fun of the Cook-shop to the tranquil femininity of the second floor and the leathery comfort of Men’s Accessories, Fortnum’s is a theatrical oasis right in the heart of London’s exclusive Mayfair district.


Don Sabor – Gourmet Himalayan Pink Salt 125g

Himalayan Pink Salt

This natural rock salt was created when the prehistoric seas evaporated some 250 million years ago – long before the sub continent Indian plate moved north, crashed into Asia, and created the Himalayan Mountain range that we know today.  It is as pure as the ancient primal oceans and contains all the minerals and trace elements essential to human life,

A favourite with chefs the world over, this coarse grain salt looks as beautiful on food as it does in a grinder!

Use liberally on fruit salads, soups, curry dishes and pasta. Whether it is consumed raw or cooked, its subtle crunch and incomparable mineral taste will delight your senses.

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Don Sabor – Gourmet Persian Blue Salt 125g


Blue salt is one of the rarest salts, that is known to mankind, and is extracted from a salt mine in the northern province of Semman in Iran. The intriguing blue colour occurs during the forming of the salt’s crystalline structure, as intense pressure is exerted on the salt deposits. The individual crystals fracture the light in an unusual way and the resulting blue (which is caused by an optical illusion), becomes visible.

Persian Blue has an interesting quality, in that it initially comes over as a strong salt, but almost immediately becomes milder, leaving a subtle and pleasant after taste.

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