Food Trend Predictions For 2018

Hello and welcome to our last blog post of 2017! And as it is our last blog post we thought we would look ahead to next year and try to predict what will be the food trends for 2018.

The Colour Purple

Food Trends For 2018There has already been a great surge in interest for purple foods and that is likely to continue into the coming year. Besides there being some fantastic purple foods to choose from there has been lots written recently about the health benefits of many of them. Some purple fruits include blueberries, elderberries, plums, grapes, raisins, and then there are a host of purple vegetables gaining popularity such as aubergines, purple cauliflower, purple carrots, red kale, purple broccoli and purple bell peppers etc.

Purple foods are high in anthocyanins, which is what gives them their colour, and this is good for mopping up free radicals which can cause cancers, and reducing inflammation.

Organic Produce

We have all seen the experts in the media warning us of global warming and how we have to change the way we consume things and use the earths natural resources. And this is one reason that organic farming has become so important and organic produce is much sought after. We need to get back to nature as much as possible and ensure we produce sustainable food products. And besides it does taste delicious! Organic produce will be even more popular next year.

Real Food Will Be The Trend

People also are seeing that many pre-packaged foods contain a lot of nasty colouring, additives and flavourings, as well as a lot of salt and sugar. So the trend is very much veering towards real food next year. A lot of people will only eat foods which still look like they were plucked from the earth or from the vine and we see this being a strong trend for the future. A move to eating natural foods can only be welcomed.

A Love Of Turmeric

Turmeric is a staple of Indian cuisine and we predict the spice will be on everyones lips next year (as long as it is not on everyones clothes!) Turmeric is a real superfood which has a range of health benefits. It is believed to help fight cancer, fight Alzheimer`s and reduce the signs of aging in people.

Finally we would like to wish you a Happy & Peaceful New Year, from everyone at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd, see you next year!

Happy New Year