Food & Drink Events To Visit

At this time of year there are a multitude of food & drink festivals you can attend around the UK so we thought we would share a few of them with you here today. Going to food & drink festivals are a great way to find new caterers, new suppliers and new ideas for recipes and ingredients.

Quinoa Patties

Champagne & Oyster Festival

If you fancy something a little bit different there is the Champagne & Oyster Festival down in Brancaster Staith in Norfolk which is on this Friday, August 11th. There they have live music, a pop up bar, and the chefs serve oyster in 6 different ways. Sounds great fun to me!

There is a week long food and drink festival going on at Birmingham Mailbox this week from Monday August 7th to Sunday the 13th. There will be Seafood Feast and Masterclass by Lap-fai Lee, Alex Claridge is serving up a 6 course meal from Harvey Nichols, you can go on a Foodies Tour and there are wine tasting sessions to boot also, so there is plenty for everyone.

The Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival was last week and I believe it was a resounding success once more, although the weather could certainly have been a lot kinder to them.

Cocktails In Edinburgh

In Edinburgh they are experimenting with a new month long festival dedicated to cocktails. This will give people who just love a cocktail the opportunity to go to mixology masterclasses, learn more about the various spirits used and generally sample as many different cocktails as they can manage. The festival is in the New Waverley district and is being organised by Scottish creative agency The Drink Cabinet. It runs until the 28th of August and there will be food and music as well as cocktails on offer.

There is a Food Fair in the beautiful setting of Banbury on August 20th where TV chef Rosemary Shrager will be a guest judge. This will run alongside the Flower & Produce Show so it should be a great day.

The Finest Street Food Vendors

Finally there is the Great British Beer Festival at London`s Olympia this week running until Saturday the 12th of August. It is not just beer there either as there are numerous fine wines on offer and some of Londons finest street food vendors will be there too.

Food & Drink Festivals

Of course any food and drink festival needs great food ingredients and if you are looking for a great food supplier you are in the right place. Give us a ring at Global Foods Ltd for a quote or just a chat on 0161 660 3380.