Ever Thought Of Adding Superfoods To Your Morning Coffee?

Superfoods In CoffeeIf you like to start your day with a latte, a cappuccino or an Americano then you may be interested to know that there is a new trend afoot where consumers are adding superfoods to their morning coffee or tea. So as well as getting that caffeine hit that you need first thing in the morning when you wake from your slumbers, you are also getting some very valuable nutrients into your system.

Superfood For Thought

If you are a busy person who has very little time in the morning for anything more than a tea or a coffee then this certainly food for thought, or superfood for thought! This will give your body a real boost and will allow you to face the day feeling in tip top form.

Turmeric Is A SuperfoodThe superfoods that are most being used are ones such as turmeric, cacao, coconut (including coconut oil), macha and matcha. These are packed full of various nutrients giving your body a dose of antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fats and minerals that is sorely needed at breakfast time.

Help With Anti-Aging

Not only can these superfoods give you an energy boost they can help with the anti-aging process so you will not only look younger but feel younger as well.

I must admit I have tried a spoonful of organic coconut oil in my coffee at various times of the day and not only does this make the coffee taste delicious but the healthy fats help to fill you up if you have no time for a bite to eat as well.

Range Of Quality Superfoods Available

There are all sorts of superfoods you can use in your coffee for a pick me up in the morning, and here at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd we can supply a range of quality superfoods to you if required. For these or any other quality food and drink ingredients give us a call at the earliest opportunity on 0161 660 3380.