Eating Organic Food Has Both Nutritional & Environmental Benefits

Nutritional Benefits Of Organic FoodA new study by the BioNutriNet cohort has unsurprisingly found that diets of high organic food consumers generally gained strong nutritional benefits from this, as well as there being high environmental benefits gained from such a lifestyle. The study involved over 29,200 participants and so was a wide and comprehensive survey.

Greenhouse Emissions Are Decreased

There are environmental benefits from following such a dietary regime due to there being a low consumption of animal based foods. The production of plant based foods are so much more eco-friendly than the production of animal based foods, as greenhouse gas emissions are decreased, the amount of energy required is greatly lowered, and plant based foods can be produced using less land than animal based foods.

One of the great things about organic farming is that pesticides are not used in the production of organic food. Pesticides are both harmful to the environment and also a build up of them in the body can lead to a number of illnesses, both minor and unfortunately major. It is in all of our interests to use less and less pesticides to grow our foods and it is encouraging to see that many farmers are coming around to the same way of thinking and reacting to the growing demand for organic foods here in the UK and across Europe.

Organic Food Market Growing Every Year

Global Foods New OfficesThe organic food market is now worth upwards of £2.5 billion in the UK, and the market has grown every year for the last 6 years in an ever increasing arc. Consumers have realised the value to themselves and the environment of an organic diet, and although organic food products are in the main a tad more expensive than non organic products they see it as a price definitely worth paying.

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