Did Going Vegan For 4 Weeks Change Two Peoples Perceptions?

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Going VeganThere was an interesting article in The Independent today by Olivia Petter and Sarah Young who both tried veganism for a month to see if going meat free and dairy free would do wonders for their health, including their skin and hair etc.

Large Rise In British Vegans

The article points out that the number of British people going vegan has risen by 360% over the last 10 years, so veganism is certainly not some sort of faddish diet that is going to go away any time soon. Some people who have tried to go vegan claim they have felt listless and rundown whereas others claim they have never felt better changing to a meat and dairy free diet.

There are probably good reasons for this. For one if you change your diet radically you can have a bedding in period where your body craves the things you have given up, leading to a lack of energy etc. You probably need to change your diet for an extended period to see the real effects that it has. Secondly it depends what you are eating on your vegan diet. If you don`t have a variety of foods which will ensure you get all the nutrition that your body needs, including plenty of nuts, pulses and greens etc, then you may struggle quite badly turning vegan.

A Hankering For Cheese

Vegan DietAnyway getting back to the article and Olivia and Sarah. Both certainly had a hankering for cheese, Olivia has a sweet tooth and so had to find ways around this and Sarah ate honey after she made a salad dressing which contained honey, forgetting that honey was not vegan.

At the end of the 4 weeks Olivia wrote:

“I admit I’m relieved these four weeks are nearly over.

Will I keep it up? Probably not, it was quite a lot harder than I thought and I’m also fairly certain I’ve gained weight – the fact that I’ve been reluctant to weigh myself is enough of an indication.

Will I make any changes to my diet? I resolve to be more mindful of my meat and dairy intake – though I was already pretty mindful before – but I’m not sure a life without halloumi is the life for me.”

And Sarah wrote:

“As the four weeks come to a close I feel surprisingly less bloated and upon weighing myself find that I’ve even lost five pounds – which I’ll totally take considering my recent dependence on vegan sausage rolls.

Unfortunately though, I don’t think full-time veganism is for me. While it wasn’t as difficult as I first thought it would be, I realised that I never want to deny myself the luxury of eating real cheese ever again.”

You can read the full article at The Independent at this link: Can Veganism Change Your Life

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