Consumer Confidence In Organic Foods Grows

Organic Food MarketRecent statistics have shown that the organic food market continues to grow across the European Union as consumer confidence in organic products grows apace and demand is at a very high level, often outstripping supplies where many retailers are concerned. Sales have grown across the EU by around 12% over the course of the last year reaching over 30 billion euros of sales.

Wider Range Of Organic Products For Sale

Retailers and wholesalers have seen this growing demand for organic products and many are doing their utmost to offer a wider range of these foods to their customers, developing specific organic product lines,and encouraging farmers and businesses to provide better and more organic food and drink products.

There has been much discussion by EU leaders to place controls on organic products to ensure they are well regulated and that there is transparency throughout the process of growing the products right up to when the consumer purchases it. But they want to ensure that these controls do not stifle progress and that they don`t place too many burdens so that there is too much red tape on producers.

Uncontaminated Organic Foods

Organic Gold BrandIt is good to see the organic food market in such rude health right across Europe and at Global Foods we are fully behind the move to better quality, organic food that is not contaminated with dangerous pesticides and is that is grown in an ethical and sustainable way. We will soon be launching our own range of organic foods under our own Organic Gold brand. Our organic, extra virgin coconut oil, Coconut Gold, which is produced in Sri Lanka under fair trade conditions, has proven extremely popular. We will have more information and details regarding this new brand of products very soon.

In the meantime if you would like a quote for any of our wide range of food and drink products please give our office In Knutsford a call on 0161 660 3380.