High Level Of Company Certification


Following a great deal of hard work by all of the team here at Global Foods & Provisions we are incredibly proud to announce that we have achieved the BRC Agents & Brokers standard. Preparing for the certification has been a fantastic opportunity to analyse and strengthen our already robust quality systems. This company certification is a significant step in the development of our business, and in addition to our ISO 9001 and Organic Farmers and Growers certifications, it provides a great platform to demonstrate to our dedication to supplying the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Here are some of our other Certifications:

We are proud to have an Organic Farmers & Growers Certification as we believe strongly in organic, sustainable farming methods. We feel strongly that instead of always taking things out from the land we should try to put as much back as we can, and look after the land for future generations to come, and so we are strongly committed to organic farmers and support them as much as we can. Fortunately more and more farmers and growers are coming around to the same way of thinking and so there are some excellent sources for us to use and a wide variety of choice. We only try to pick the best quality produce for our clients.


BRC Certificated

organic farming certification



Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce

Member Of The Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce

We are also a proud member of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. And we are ISO 9001 Certified.

What does this all say about Global Foods? We certainly think that having this company certification goes a long way to giving all our clients and potential clients a great deal of confidence in the services that we provide. They can see that we can be trusted to uphold the highest standards, which we feel is of the utmost importance, particularly when you are involved in the food industry.