Colour, Variety, Nutrition & Quality For A Healthy Diet

You would forgiven if your head was in a spin over what foods are healthy and what are to be avoided if you watch TV and read the latest information from health journals and other food experts. It seems that one food group can be the best thing since sliced bread one week and then the devil incarnate the next. So without going into individual food products it is a good idea to follow certain rules in your daily eating habits to ensure you are getting the foods your body needs to thrive.

A Rainbow Of Colours In Your FoodRainbow Of Colours In Your Food

A good rule of thumb is that if the food on your plate has a diverse range of colours then you are definitely on the right track. Each colour can usually give you different types of nutrients, vitamins and minerals so by having a rainbow of colours on your plate you are covering all bases. Some colours can be better than others of course, for instance the foods that are green and purple can have very strong health benefits, they are especially good for antioxidants and supplies of iron.

Variety Is Very Much The Spice Of Life

You want to eat a variety of food groups each day to ensure you are getting a well balanced diet. If you can have a diet consisting of carbohydrates, protein, and fruit and vegetables, with preferably a bigger portion of fruit and veg than the rest, then this is ideal. Try to eat a variety of different foods, don`t forget that nuts, seeds and pulses are packed with nutrients that will give our body the energy we need on a day to day basis. The more variety of food you eat the more likely you are to be getting everything you need.

Nutritional Content

If you can get used to reading the labels if you are purchasing food in tins or packets then you will soon find that you become more choosy over what food you are buying. The list of ingredients in some products are startling and can really be quite shocking. Look at what nutritional content there is in them, and likewise when you are buying other foods think about what nutritional value you are getting from them. The more that this is in the forefront of your mind the more you are likely to eat healthily.

Quality Food Products

But it does not matter what food products you buy if they are not of sufficient quality or maybe past their best. Once food is past a certain period or if it has not been produced in good conditions or packaged well, then the nutritional value will soon go down to zero.

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