Coconut Gold Is Our Very Own Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

We are pleased to announce that we have supplies of Coconut Gold, a high quality organic coconut oil direct from Sri Lanka. This extra virgin coconut oil is raw cold pressed and a beautifully creamy consistency.


Coconut Gold
Coconut Oil Produced In Sri Lanka

Organic Coconut Oil With Sustainable Farming

We are proud to be supporting sustainability and organic growing in the region of Sri Lanka where Coconut Gold is produced for us. This is a Fair Trade product and the production of this organic coconut oil employs a huge amount of workers in the region, including farmers and support staff. It is very important that there is replanting on an ongoing basis to ensure sustainability.

Promoting Extra Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil

We are busy promoting this great new product on the market, and our CEO Phil Ashton has recently been to Budapest in Hungary to meet with interested buyers. You can see Phil outside the Houses of Parliament in Hungary in the photo.

The Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Of course extra virgin coconut oil is very popular right now, both because of the great taste it lends to foods but also because of the many health benefits of cooking with coconut oil.

It is now known, contrary to earlier belief, that some saturated fats are especially good for you, coconut oil certainly ranks in this category. This oil has medium chain fatty acids which contain caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid, and they are a tremendous source of energy for the body.

Besides giving you more energy extra virgin coconut oil can be good for the heart, good for the digestive system and it has certain properties which can guard against a range of cancers. It has also been proven to help in warding off such illnesses as Alzheimer`s disease as it is very good for the functioning of the brain.

If you would like to enquire about getting supplies of this superb product please give our office a ring at the earliest opportunity on 0161 660 3380. We look forward to hearing from you.


The Benefits Of MCT OIl

There is an excellent article on the Cognitune Smarter Health website which goes into great detail on the benefits of MCT oil. MCT by the way stands for “medium-chain triglycerides” and this is derived from coconut oil. MCT offers many cognitive, heart, and digestive benefits. These stem from coconut oil’s antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties.

I urge you to read the full article at the link above and watch the video at the top of the page on the site.

Promoting Organic Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil