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Cocoa Product Supplies

At Global Foods & Provisions Ltd here in Cheshire in the UK we can supply cocoa products for you, whether you are a small business concern or a big limited company. There is no minimum order but we can also supply by the pallet load so we can cater for everyone.

We have clients in a wide range of services, including cafes and restaurants, food retailers, companies, event organisers, catering businesses and much more. If you have never dealt with us before I am sure you will find that our prices are extremely competitive and we have a wide range of food and drink ingredients to supply you with.

Now did you know that, besides being gorgeous to drink, cocoa has numerous health benefits to it. Here are some of those health benefits:

  • Cocoa can help in a weight loss regime as drinking it helps to modulate the lipid metabolism and reduces the transporting of fatty acids to the body.
  • If you have a bronchial problem then cocoa can relax the bronchial tubes and stop them becoming restricted. This is because cocoa beans contain xanthine and theophylline.
  • Cocoa can lower your blood pressure as it can make your blood vessels more elastic due to the flavonoids in it.
  • Another very good benefit to cocoa is that it has strong antioxidant properties in it, and in fact a recent study seemed to confirm that it has more antioxidants than green tea and red wine etc.
  • Studies have also shown that it is good for regulating your levels of cholesterol.
  • It can be healthy for your heart as it helps in improving the endothelial function, and as it is rich in flavonoids namely, procyanidin, catechin, and epicatechin, it means it is great for your cardiovascular health.

There are other benefits as well but as you can see cocoa can be very good for you in a variety of ways.

Here are just a few of the cocoa ingredients we supply.



20-22% Cocoa Powder
10-12% Reduced Fat Cocoa Powder
Cocoa Butter