Changing The World With The Planetary Health Diet

Planetary Health DietHave you ever heard of the planetary health diet? This is a new, interesting concept which a team of scientists and researchers believe could potentially feed 10 billion people and save 11 million lives each and every year. It is a very precise diet which allows you to eat some meat, dairy and eggs but only in quite small quantities.

Eat More Fruit & Veg, Less Meat & Fish

In an article on inews ( you can read the full article at the link) it states that the planetary health diet: “involves eating more fruit and veg, and far less meat and fish. A lot of the protein in the diet comes from legumes like beans, chickpeas and lentils. It also involves cutting down on starchy carbs like potatoes, though whole grains like bread and rice are still encouraged.

“The red meat allowance means you could eat one burger – a little smaller than a quarter pounder – per week. You could probably eat fish and chicken twice a week, but you’d be limited to just a single egg every seven days. Vegetables, meanwhile, should make up half of every meal.

“The planetary health diet significantly reduces the amount of animals we need to farm. This, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves water and stops us needing to expand our farmland. Livestock currently accounts for up to 18 per cent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.

“Agriculture and food productions also takes up a whopping 70 per cent of the Earth’s freshwater sources.”

Good For The Planet AND Our Health

Gluten Free FoodsIt is quite clear from this research that they see the way forward being for us to eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts and whole grains and a great deal less red meat, chicken and starchy carbs etc than we do at this present time. This will not only be great for the planet but it will be very good for our health too.

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