Call For High Salt Warnings On Food As Survey Finds High Levels In Children`s Food

High Levels Of Salt In FoodThere has been a call for high salt warnings to be placed on foods after a new survey by Action on Salt found that many childrens out of home meals were found to have an astonishingly high level of salt in them. This is despite warnings from various groups and bodies that the level of salt in food that children regularly eat must be reduced drastically to protect their health.

High Levels Of Salt In Food

Since the last survey they produced back in 2015, Action On Salt found in the new survey that 40% of the meals that they checked actually had higher levels now than they had previously. 41% of the 351 meals that they surveyed were found to be high in salt content.

Speaking about the results in an article in  The Independent Mhairi Brown, a nutritionist at Action on Salt, said: “This survey highlights the shocking levels of salt still present in many children’s meals, even though it is well known that dietary habits formed in childhood influences what you eat for the rest of your life. Protecting children’s health should be a priority for all food and drink companies – the out of home sector must act now and take salt off the menu for children.”

Food Companies Neglecting To Do Their Civic Duty

And in the same article Katharine Jenner, a nutritionist and campaign director of Action on Salt, is quoted as saying that:

“As a parent, it is so hard to try and find food and drink products that are both nutritionally balanced AND appeal to your kids. Children aged four to six should have half as much salt as an adult – just 3g – a day maximum yet they are eating much more than this.

“These food companies have known for years that they need to reduce salt, yet they are neglecting to do their civic duty and are putting our children’s health at risk.”

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