Are We Turning Japanese? I Really Think So!!

In this weeks blog we thought we would look at food from Japan as they do have some extremely interesting tastes and delicacies. First up let us check out a paste which is causing quite a stir which is made from pureed, fermented Japanese ume plums.

Umeboshi Paste

You could certainly class umeboshi paste as a Japanese superfood. It is used as a condiment by vegans and has the texture and consistency of jam, but whereas jam has a sweet flavour this paste is rather salty and tangy.

Japanese FoodsVegans in Japan flavour their soups with the paste, add it to their lasagne and used it in dressings for their salads etc.

Why is it a superfood? Well umeboshi paste is known to have powerful antioxidant qualities and is rich in iron and calcium. It is believed to be good for preventing certain cancers, protect against oral pathogens and be good for the heart.

Japanese Foods Targeting The UK

Meanwhile in the latest edition of The Grocer today they wrote about the Japan Food Show in Kensington and picked out 5 Japanese foods which are likely to be a big hit here in the UK in the not too distant future. Here they are below with a short summary:

  1. Sushi Quinoa. Top Tier Foods has worked to create a product that is “much stickier than other quinoas”, giving it a similar taste and texture to the traditional sticky rice.
  2. Yukari Drink. It may resemble grape juice, but the yukari drink has a distinctive flavour of its own. The main ingredient is extract of red shiso leaves, which have a sharp, fruity tang.
  3. Seaweed Snacks. The snacks combine seaweed with other ingredients – almond & sesame, sriracha & almond and toasted coconut – for added flavour and bite.
  4. Free-From Japanese Style. A rice-based alternative to panko breadcrumbs means even coeliacs can now get on board with a katsu curry. Another company attempting to woo the gluten-free crowd was OK Food Industry with its soybean curd noodles. Made simply with soybean curd, sugar, soy sauce and vinegar, they get pretty close to the taste and texture of traditional egg noodles.
  5. Green Tea Noodles. We’ve had green tea in our cakes, lattes and (in Japan) even in Kit Kats. So why not put green tea in noodles? Miwabi has done just that with this eye-catching product. With subtle notes of green tea, these noodles can form a base for pretty much any meal, or be mixed with dashi stock to create a soup.

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