A Personal Viewpoint On Coconut Oil

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd, food distributors based in Knutsford, Cheshire. In this blog I am giving a personal viewpoint on coconut oil. There has been a great deal of chatter about coconut oil over the last 12 months, the vast majority positive but one or two focusing on the perceived negative effects of this oil.

100% Positive Effect

Coconut Oil Is Good For You

This is a completely subjective account of my thoughts on coconut oil and I have to say it is 100% positive. I have been using extra virgin, organic coconut oil for over a year now. I believe that many of the cheaper commercial products that are not organic and extra virgin do not give you the same health benefits and certainly not the same flavour.

I use it in the main for cooking purposes as it is a delicious alternative to olive oil or any other cooking oils or fats. It is superb to fry with, whether you are making an English breakfast or you are making a stir fry. You can also bake, saute or roast with it as it gives a beautiful coconut aroma to any dish. Smelling the coconut oil as it heats in the pan is a glorious thing!!

I also like to add it to a cup of coffee each day, I use just a teaspoon full but it gives your coffee a lovely flavour. Coconut oil fills you up so you will find that when you cook with this oil you will probably eat less than you normally would do.

Personal Viewpoint On Coconut Oil A Nourisher & Moisturiser

Besides cooking with extra virgin, organic coconut oil, I also sometimes use it to rub on my face as a nourisher and moisturiser, and every now and then I will use it to wash my hair with as it seems to make it feel in better condition. Lastly I rub it onto my teeth once in a while as it is also good for the teeth and oral health.

Since using coconut oil I have noticed I feel more energetic and alert, I don`t seem to need just as much sleep as I used to, and I have lost some weight even though that was not what I was trying to achieve.

I would recommend coconut oil to anyone, I have never enjoyed my food as much as I do now. For the best coconut oil get our own brand, Coconut Gold, a rich, extra virgin, organic coconut oil from Sri Lanka.

Organic Coconut Oil