A Nutritionist Looks At Organic Food & It`s Benefits

There are many cynics that love to pontificate about organic food, believing that it is no better for us than non-organic food products, but just a great marketing exercise to extract even more money from our wallets and purses.

Organic Fruits

Lowdown On Widespread Food Myths

So we found this article by Tome Morrissy-Swan in The Telegraph very interesting, as in this article she gets the lowdown on many widespread food myths and whether they should be believed or not direct from a nutritionist.

The nutritionist was Fiona Hunter and here is what she said when she was asked “Is Organic Fruit Healthier”:

“Yes and no. There seems to be no doubt that organic farming methods are better from an environmental perspective, but experts are divided as to whether organic foods are actually better for our health.

No one really knows for sure if pesticides cause health problems. Reports show that in most cases pesticide levels in foods are well within ‘acceptable safe limits’, those in favour or organic farming say it’s impossible to predict the dangers of the ‘cocktail effect’ of a mixture of different pesticides. 

Health Promoting Phytochemicals

Does organic food contain more vitamins and minerals? Some studies show they do, others show no significant difference. However a recent study carried out at the University of California compared levels of phenolic compounds, powerful health promoting phytochemicals, in corn, strawberries and Marion berries (a berry similar to a raspberry) in crops grown organically and those grown using chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

What they discovered was that the organically grown corn and berries contained over 50% more of these phenolic compounds than the conventionally grown crops. One theory is plants produce phytochemicals to protect themselves from disease and pests so crops grown without the use of artificial pesticides may need to develop higher levels of these natural pesticides to survive.”

Benefit From Farming & Eating Organic Foods

I think we can certainly take from these observations that, both for us as human beings, and for the planet as a whole, if we were to farm organically and eat organic foods we would all benefit a great deal. We have many organic food products for our clients to use in their business, so if you require any information on these please give us a call on 0161 660 3380.

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