8 Consecutive Years Of Sales Growth For UK Organic Product Market

We are delighted to see that the demand for organic food and drink here in the UK shows no signs of slowing down.

Reduction In Areas Of Organic Woodland

But although there are more small organic farm businesses being created to satisfy the demand for organic products the actual area of land that is farmed organically is surprisingly at its lowest level for many years. This is mainly due to the reduction in areas of organic woodland which is really a crying shame.

As well as the demand for organic food and drink products there has also been a big increase in demand for organic beauty products, with a 14% increase over the past year.

Consistent Growth In UK Organic Market

In an article in the Living It section of Euro News Liz Bowles, associate director for farming and land use at the Soil Association is quoted as saying:

“More and more people looking for organic products when they shop, leading to a record eighth consecutive year of sales growth in the UK’s market,”

“Demand is growing faster than UK producers can supply, so it’s disappointing to see a small drop in certified organic land this year when we know that there is such high demand for UK organic in the shops. Recent research has also shown that green farming practices, like organic, can feed the population healthily while radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pesticides.”

Interestingly Spain is the European country with the most organic farmland with the UK one of the lowest, but as demand constantly grows let us hope that this is soon rectified.

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