50 Foods For Healthy People & A Healthier Planet

Foods For Healthy PeopleWe read a fascinating article today about the Knorr Future 50 Foods Report which gives 50 foods that could provide the best nutrition for people and also help us to look after our planets finite resources which are dwindling at a rapid rate of knots at present. The main thrust of the report is that we should be eating more beans,cereals, algae,mushrooms, nuts and seeds.

A Reliance On Animal Based Proteins

In the article in The Telegraph it quotes the report as saying:

“Dietary monotony is linked to a decline in the diversity of plants and animals used in and around agriculture (agrobiodiversity), threatening the resilience of our food system and limiting the breadth of food we can eat.

Algae Is Nutrient Rich

Algae is one of the interesting foods that the report says we should be eating more readily and here is what the article says about this: “Nutrient-rich and critical to our existence on the planet, algae are responsible for half of all oxygen production on Earth, and all aquatic ecosystems depend on them. Rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and protein, and with a strong umami flavour, they are a potential substitute for meat.”
Vegan FoodThere is no doubt we do need to get away from animal based protein and start to eat more plant based foods, and of course the growing popularity of vegan foods shows that many people are seeing the value of such a dietary regime, both for themselves and the environment.
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