10 Foods To Help You Build Up Lean Muscle

As it is the holiday season we thought we would look at how to get in the best shape and tone your body up for the beach (not that we think you don`t look great now of course!!). Besides doing the obvious and getting plenty of exercise, working all your muscles, and drinking plenty of fluids, you can also help to build lean muscle by incorporating certain foods into your diet.

10 Lean Muscle Building Foods

Here are 10 foods which are perfect for doing just that:

Muscle Building Foods

  1. Let`s start with fish which is as good a place as any. Fish like mackerel and salmon have oodles of protein packed into them as well as many other nutrients which will help you when you are training and building muscle.
  2. Eggs are protein in one perfect oval shell. But they are not just protein but healthy cholesterol which is found in the yoke and will help keep your body strong and healthy when working out.
  3. Chicken of course is another food that gives you plenty of protein and will help you build lean muscle. If you don`t eat the skin then you have a very low fat, protein rich food.
  4. If you are not a meat eater and chicken is a no-no then you can get your protein from foods such as Quinoa. This is rich in protein and also gives you all 9 essential amino acids in one food. High in magnesium, fiber and iron, quinoa is a real Superfood.
  5. Cottage Cheese. You may not realise that, as well as being a low fat cheese, cottage cheese gives you a big serving of protein and is great to add to your diet before or after training.
  6. Oranges are a good fruit when you are training hard to improve your body tone, they will help with the growth of lean muscle and give your body the lift it needs when it is working hard.
  7. Beetroot is a brilliant food to add to your diet, it has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties so is good when you are working your joints hard, and it is also good for the liver and helps to promote muscle growth.
  8. Brown Rice will give you a slow release energy throughout the day as it takes a while to digest, so is great for long workouts.
  9. Almonds are another protein packed powerhouse so graizing on these gorgeous nuts throughout the day will give you plenty protein as well as healthy fats and magnesium.
  10. Organic Milk has on average 70% more omega 3 fatty acids than normal milk and the whey in this milk is an excellent muscle builder.

Supplier Of Muscle Building Foods

Lean Muscle Building Foods

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