Focusing On Chia Seeds

Welcome to our blog here at Global Foods & Provisions Ltd and today we are going to be focusing on Chia Seeds. This wonderful seed is well worth an article about as it is a true Superfood that packs a real nutritional punch.

Focusing On Chia Seeds

On its own the chia seed is in fact quite a tasteless seed but there are positives to this as it means you can add these seeds to just about any dish you create (if anything they have a very mild nutty flavour) This will not alter the flavour of your dish but add lots of good, healthy nutrition.

Chia Seeds & Nutrition

Chia seeds are a great way to ensure you get a lot of the nutrients you require and there is the added bonus of it being gluten free if you require your food to not contain gluten. Chia seeds have a very high fibre content which means when we eat them we feel full for longer, which can be very useful if you are looking to lose a few pounds. They also contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and so they are an excellent way of getting good cholesterol into your body. Other nutritional benefits of the chia seed is that they are good for guarding against dehydration as they are spectacular at absorbing liquid (so if you are a marathon runner they are ideal to consume before a race), and they are high in calcium and iron, and they have strong anti-inflammatory properties too.

Background History On The Chia Seed

The ancient Aztecs and the Mayans were apparently known to enjoy a few chia seeds sprinkled in their food so they have a long history. They are harvested from the salvia hispanica plant, which is a member of the mint family. They are mainly grown in Mexico and South America and in these areas they have a very popular drink which integrates the chia seed and is called chia fresca. In this drink the seeds are mixed with lime or lemon juice to make a citrus flavoured, protein packed drink.

A Tiny Drawback

There is one tiny drawback to the chia seed in that they are quite high in calories. A tablespoon of chia seeds equate to around 70 calories. But the benefits far outweigh this one small issue, but as most common sense dietitians proclaim “Don`t Count The Calories!!” I would not worry about this little detail too much.

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Benefits Of Chia Seeds