Don`t Count The Calories, Check The Quality Of Your Food

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Today we are going to discuss the latest trends in dieting and it is really good to see that a great many people are eschewing the old calorie counting method for more healthy and sustainable methods.

Calorie counting can only help you lose weight in the short term, it is not a viable long term option, because eventually your spirit will break and you will stack up on carbs to satisfy your cravings and end up back where you started. It is important you don`t count the calories but eat smart.

Don`t Diet, Eat HealthilyFood Distibutors

Dieting is the wrong word to use anyway, people should not go on a diet but they should eat and drink healthily and sensibly so that they are getting all the right nutrients and vitamins without depriving yourself of food.

In this way you will naturally get to your optimum weight and body shape without any of the stresses and pain of dieting. This will not happen overnight, particularly if you are at present in the morbidly obese range, but it is the safest and healthiest way to get fit and in the right shape.


A Balanced Range Of Foods

There are two main things to concentrate on. Firstly you should ensure you are eating a balanced range of foods that includes all the major food groups so you will be giving your body all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to be at your best. Your plate should always have plenty of vegetables on it and you should ensure you have your share of nuts, seeds and pulses.

Organic Coconut Oil Is A Healthy Saturated Fat

Organic Coconut Oil

The right kind of healthy saturated fats are important in your diet too and there is a big trend towards using organic coconut oil which has a great many health benefits. It is good for your skin and digestive system and it ca also boost your brain power and help to ward off a number of illnesses and diseases.

Secondly, you should ensure that the food you are buying is fresh and of a very high quality. Now as luck would have it you can do this by buying all of your food and drink ingredients from Global Foods & Provisions Ltd. All our foods are carefully chosen and sourced so that we only provide the very best ingredients for our customers.

Supplying Food And Drink Ingredients

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